Sébastien Nicot
signage design and scenography
(+33)6 29 11 12 55

Juliette Cheval
graphic design
(+33)6 10 90 22 91

Polygraphik Studio
47 rue Pierre Legrand
59000 Lille – France


“Our work is located in the triangle between sign, object and space.”

Polygraphik is specialized in signage conception and graphic design for exhibitions. We work for all kinds of structures or spaces welcoming public, on our own or within architectural teams. The asperity that imposes to an amplitude project’s management is not a contradiction in terms with innovation and creativity. In a permanent cooperation with every actors of the project, we bring custom-made solutions according to the architecture of a place, its functions and its public. Our complementarity design/graphics and our experience allow us to manage projects from sketch to reception and deliver it on time. A quality result approved by all.


Although always in a global aesthetic will with architecture, signage is a decisive element from a place’s identity. We design typographic characters and their sign corpus (arrows, pictograms…) depending on projects. We prioritize informations and knowledge in order to structure the reading and make a territory intelligible.


Our mastering of materials, combining and shaping techniques, allow us to design precise objects, perfectly integrated to the architecture. These also allow us to estimate to the most accurate from the designing and to interact with the manufacturers in order to realize within the budget aesthetic mediums and durables in an eco-friendly spirit. As such, web ring a particular attention to the making process and to the laying.


By our ability to read and handle architectural plans, we anticipate the traffic flows and the future uses. We design the orientation strategy, the implantation plans and accompany the control of work for the content definition. We are guarantors of the information chain’s continuity.

Our basic methodology – set on architectural phases – is adjusted regarding the intricateness of the projects. Formal, technical and economic choices are specified over the project’s validations and evolutions.

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Programmation Julien Meffre
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