Sceno and Design

Art Museum of Perpignan

Art museum Hyacinthe Rigaud
2017, Perpignan (66)

Client  City of Perpignan
Architecte  Stéphane Barbotin-Larrieu

As part of its expansion and renovation, the Hyacinthe Rigaud Museum of Art in Perpignan has assigned us to design the reception and rest furniture as well as the follow-up of signage, and the graphics of the four permanent exhibitions.

In response to the important materiality of the building and collections, we wanted a light and simple furniture: it is a rectangle.
The constructive principle is based on the extrusion of a triangular base section whose visible angles are thickened along a single volume. The slice seen is very thin but the shape of the section ensures a structural assembly. The geometry adapts to the uses and volumetry of the room in which the furniture is installed.
The range of furniture consists of a reception desk, benches of different lengths and sit-debouts for the room staff.

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