BnF permanente signage

Permanent Signage of the French National Library
2015, Paris 13 – France

Project Ownership  French National Library Catherine Nicolas-Schultz
Design and design graphic  Polygraphik
Lighting  Abraxas
Engineering structure  Nemo-K
©Photos  LVR / Polygraphik

Following the works of its reception halls, the French National Library deployed new measures of reception and orientation signage for the public.
One of the ambitions of the project was to give the impression that the signage had always existed, although it was then responding to the needs of actual accessibility norms.
Steel, metal knit, furniture scaling and their implementation was directly inspired by the architecture of Dominique Perrault.
The black steel of the informative surfaces is raw and has only been stabilized.
Their dull depths, the subtle outline of its tumult, the intensity of its black, enrich the medium of information. The black steel associated with the white of the prints offers an optimum contrast.
Bathed with lights of various temperatures and intensities, both artificial and natural, the French National Library is a place in which the lightening of the signage is essential.
An embedded device composed of a banner of LED lights hidden in the structure of the furniture and of a deported frame enlightens the informative surfaces. The lights of these zones are perfectly centered. The light « laps » the metal knit, and because of the nature of the medium, emphasizes the game of transparency and reflection.