Graphic design

Headdresses exhibition

Headdresses from around the world
Antoine de Galbert’s donation
2019, Musée des Confluences, Lyon (France)

with Lucie Colin
Client Musée des Confluences
Scenography Zen+dCo (Zette Cazalas)
Production La Fabrique + Sitep
Lighting Abraxas Concepts

Headdresses from around the world
Antoine de Galbert’s donation
2019, june – 2020, march

The exhibition introduces 350 headresses and objects from around the world including Asia, Africa, Latin America and Oceania. The thematic tables shape a cloud and create an open horizon, a different relationship to the exhibition space. Three large periscopes open the horizontal line of vision to engage the visitor to look up. Graphic design originates from the variety of material and shapes of the headdresses. The elements are redraxn, colored, superimposed to create landscapes of shapes. The superimposition of colours and the meeting of the various transparent headdreses unite them in one the same chimera and confront them to each other, just as they are in the exhibition, despite their different origin and function. The links drawn directly on the trays connect the cartels and the headdresses positionned on the table. The relationship between the cartel and its headress is more instinctive. The use of a typography with sober and flexible lines like the Circular Pro allows an effective dialogue with the multitude and the variety of the objects of the collection.