Mie de Pain’s shelter

Œuvres de la Mie de Pain’s shelter
2013, Paris 13 – France

Signage design and design graphic  Polygraphik
Project Ownership Association des Œuvres de la Mie de Pain
Architecture  Robain & Guieysse

The Shelter of les Œuvres de la Mie de Pain is an accommodation and integration center with a capacity of 360 people.
These people can be foreigners, simply illiterate or physically handicapped. They come from various backgrounds but all share a situation of high instability.
A functional signage system was thus set up, aiming at reassuring this population.
The construction was based on standard DIN formats (A3, A4, A5) in compliance with the renewable signage of the premises. The typography « Tabac Mono », designed by Tomáš Brousil in 2012 is used. We have chosen a monospaced font to simplify the graphical composition of the messages they must take in daily. Searching the signs universality has been our main axis of reflection. A large range of pictograms was especially designed for the project, giving up the way the symbol is understood through our social habits, and favoring its figurative representation. Particular graphical signs have been associated to each dormitory.
Each literal sign is translated graphically. Reading then becomes a non- mandatory prerequisite to the understanding of the signage.

© Polygraphik with Mathieu Mohamad