Sceno and Design

Musée de la Marine

Scenography, graphic design and signage
of the temporary exhibition “Tsars’ Gifts”
2010, Musée de la Marine, Paris – France

Client  Musée de la Marine
Curators  Wilfried Zeisler, Marjolaine Mourot, Angelina Meslem
Coordination  Agnès Takahashi, Corinne Jez-Namont

Within the context of the France-Russia year, this exhibition relates the history of the French-Russian alliance between 1891 and 1914 through historical events, manufactured and goldsmith objects. Scenography is divided in 3 parts. The first part explains the historical context through pictures and newspaper clippings, placed on a simplified chronological frieze. The second part presents the popular infatuation of the French for Russia through a profusion of souvenirs from those days, a modernized tiny 19th century museum. The last part exposes diplomatic presents exchanged during the Tsars official visits in France. Black and white are the only colors in this space, letting room to the exposed works.