Sceno and Design

Musée de la Parfumerie (MIP)

Scenography, signage and graphic design of the temporary exhibition
“Zestes de Soleil”
2010, International Museum of Perfumery, Grasse – France

Client  MIP
Curators  Denis-Michel Boëll, Marie Grasse
Animated movie  Claire Fauché
Music  Romain Clerc-Renaud
Fragance diffuser  Scentys
Production  Boscher signalétique

First temporary exhibition since the rehabilitation of the international museum of perfumery by the architect Frederic Jung in 2008. The theme of citrus fruits in perfumery follows the permanent collection of IMP. The temporary exhibition thus spreads in the whole museum, initiating a dialogue with the collection. The tour is punctuated with interventions (highlighting of some showcases, information design, creation of specific furniture), and with three high points named “sensorial break”, “garden break” and “arts break” that integrate synchronized audio-visual-olfactory devices.