Graphic design

Museum of Lodève – exhibitions

Graphic design of exhibitions
2018, Lodève (34) – France

with Amélie Lebleu
  Communauté de communes Lodévois et Larzac
Architect  Projectiles

The graphic design of the three permanent exhibitions of the Musée de Lodève is part of a global conception: signage, visual identity of the museum and communication. The link between the three exhibitions at the Musée de Lodève is the notion of a footprint left on the territory.  In this direction, we chose a common font, Francesco, making visible the print defects of lead characters on paper.

Trace of Life, 540 million years of earth history
Didactic materials introduce each geological period. A great harmonization work has been done on maps and diagrams in order to make complex scientific information accessible. The vast immersive landscapes participate in the scenography.
Man’s footprints, The end of the Prehistoric era
our work was carried out in collaboration with Fées spéciales, in charge of animation films, so that the whole course is read as a coherent and harmonized whole.
Sculpting lives, Sculptures and sketches of Paul Dardé
The exhibition is treated soberly on black steel. The cartels are encrusted in the workbenches, the complementary iconographic content is placed in drawers to leave all its place to the work of the artist.