Graphic design

National Museum of Bahrain

Graphic design of temporary exhibition
“Explorations, Encounters and Remembered Stories
200 years of British-Bahraini Relations”

2016, National Museum, Manama – Bahrain

Scenographer and Client
Aïnu (Stéphane Pennec/Caroline Elkouby)
Curator  Nadine Boksmati-Fattouh
Photo  ©Juliette Cheval/Caroline Elkouby/Louis de Chavagnac

As in a library of archives, the visitor discovers the great figures of exploration and archeology, and the work carried out by Bahrain and the United Kingdom for 200 year. The exhibition, built as a chronological frieze, spreads around a central cube, used as a support for screening. It is the fruit of a fine interlinking between scenography and graphic design. Texts, as well as drawings, photographs, letters, statement, cartographies…, are crafted on plywood, and disposed on heddles. They are not just content anymore, but become physical supports that take shape in the exhibition.