Fives Cail building site’s signage

Fives Cail
Signage of building site
2019, Lille (France)

with Lucie Colin
Production and pose  Estampe + Urban VRD
Photos  ©Polygraphik, Lucie Colin, Arnaud Dequeker

Signage of Fives Cail building site
in Lille Fives

Fives-Cail-Babcock, former industrial site of 25 hectares in the heart of the city, carries a very strong symbolic load. The site is spread over many years, delivered in successive phases.
The signage tells about the future of the building site, invites to discover and roam it. While remote control is necessary to keep the public safe, this signage aims to create physical and intellectual connections between the site and its users. We have developed a graphic charter that can be used in a variety of formats, on a wide variety of scales. These supports are the usual construction materials. These materials are able to withstand harsh operating conditions.
This first phase, delivered in July 2019, treats areas of contact between the site and inhabitants and the entrance to this new district.