Willy Brandt (competition)

Willy Brandt footbridges signage
2014, Lille (59) – France

Client  SPL Eurallile

The « Euralille » neighborhood had to the origin the purpose to become a business center specialized in tertiary. Way more than this, it became an extension of Lille and symbolizes the modernism from Lille metropolis. Resolutely contemporary, the urbanism and the architecture from the Euralille nieghborhood are breaking up with the urban cloth from Lille’s historical center, very close. As Le Corbusier avenue or the Buisses place, the Willy Brandt avenue is one of the fronteers between the traditionnal city and the new neighborhood. The issue consists in giving to read suspended circulations to 6 and 12 meters high which welcome Skema, the Aeronef and accompany the visitor to apprehend a new urban typology.

For this we offer to create an addressing logic :
• punctuate the avenue
• establish a semi-distant reading, lateral and frontal
• restore the reading of vertical circulation
• Preserve and highligh the industrial and normed aesthetic from buildings
• Harmonize and prioritize the ensemble of the signage